Mytek Digital

Производитель: Mytek Digital

Серия: Stereo 96

Модель: Stereo96 ADC

Аналогово-цифровой конвертер 24 Бит 96 кГц.Динамический диапазон 120 Дб.


Категории: АЦ ЦА Конвертеры .

The MYTEK Stereo96 series consists of two 1/3 rack units- the Stereo96 ADC and the Stereo 96 DAC. They are also a part of extended family of 1/3 rack units which also includes 192kHz capable converters, SRC and Studio Clock. Stereo96 converters can be used as stand-alone devices for variety of studio applications such as mastering, recording and playback, whenever the highest quality conversion is required. 

Users choose Mytek 8X96 converters primarily for their outstanding sound quality. The sound of Mytek converters can be described as "transparent". We design our converters to be as faithful to the signal as possible, rather than follow philosophy of some other manufacturers who offer "analog" or "tube" sounding converters. Mytek converters are closest to a straight wire, which is especially evident when used at full 24/96 resolution. Sonically they are equal or better than the most expensive mastering converters. Even when used in 16 bit mode, the Stereo96 converters produce 20dB (10 times) less distortion than typical converters found in budget recording equipment. On Mytek website you can find and download various sound samples to evaluate Stereo96 series sound quality and compare it to the sound of other high end converter units.

- 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz internal sampling frequencies
- Ext. wordclock sync 25-100kHz or 256x Superclock(tm)
- 120dB Dynamic Range
- 24 bit resolution
- High performance SuperShaper-HR™ psychoacoustic noiseshaping algorithm for 16 bit output
- Switchable precision 10 turn-trimpots or input gain knob
- Wordclock output can be used as a hi-end house clock.

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